I’m am-a-nam-anonymous, that’s how I like to be,
Bloggin’ under nanonymity’s the only thing you’ll see.

Dr. Seuss was am-a-nanimous and look what he became,
He was pseudonominous as well and rose right up to fame.

My blogs are just for fun, to release nam-anonymous creative tension,
so if I’m am-a-nam-anonymous, I can write without dissention,

On occasion, I’ll be serious, and write a real life poem,
nam-anonymously, of course, in the comfort of my home.

Not attempting to get famous, just enjoying my own posts,
and the ama-nama-nimity of which my blog will be the host.


Blog You Long Time

Blogging is like logging, my life up on the web,
but this life of mine, you’ll see, will be in poetry instead.

I likes to write muh poems, ’bout my life and me and mine,
and sometimes about my workmates, if they cross the line.

As a side note, you will see, my grammar’s sometimes bad,
cuz when we got good poem writers, we tweak it just a tad.

If it don’t fit, I make it and force the words to mesh,
like right now, who knows what rhymes with that…pesh?

But pesh isn’t a word, unless I want it to be, so back yourself on down,
and read my rhyming blog without judgment, correction, or boun(dries)

I’ll write it how I like it, it’s for me and if you read it, it’s for you,
so enjoy this blog of mine, and take the time to write one, too!